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• 5/25/2014

Story Writing Contest For ALL Users!

Hello everyone! It's Bella. I'm so happy to see this wiki progressing and seeing all you users' stories and ideas. Since everybody seems to have their creative juices flowing, we might as well have a story writing contest! Now. I wanna make one topic and I want to see your sides, opinions, and creativity. Now let's get to it. 


Make a romantic comedy with a Frozen character and another character from a different Disney movie (cannot be Frozen).


  • Take ANY Frozen character (male or female) and put it with a different Disney character (male or female) from another movie (ONLY Disney movies).
  • Include romantic and comedic writing in the story. 


  • Get your story posted in the "What's New?" section on the fanon wiki and the regular wiki. 
  • Have your story become Story of the Month.
  • More prizes may be given.

To submit your story, write it in a blog post and post the blog post link in the comments of this forum post. I will read through it and comment on it so you know that I have read it. 

I can not wait to see what stories you guys got in mind. Your deadline is on June 7th. Till then, get working and start writing!

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• 5/25/2014

Are we allowed to use Pixar movies, as they are generally classed as Disney movies?

• 5/27/2014

Yup. As long as it's a Disney movie, it's all good.

• 5/31/2014

May I join even though im not an active contributor? (but I do look at this wikia often) c:

• 6/6/2014

If this is about using a Fanon-made character rather than a Disney character, it would be easier lol

• 6/8/2014

Well yesterday was the deadline everyone. Send in your link of the story to this forum post now. All links sent the next day will not be judged or apart of the contest. So be quick!

• 6/30/2014

For O

• 12/27/2014
Can I still write a story?
• 12/27/2014
Of course you can but sadly it cannot be for the contest.
• 12/27/2014
That's fine I just enjoy writing stories.
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