Frozen: The Series (spin-off)
Creator Mysteriouse Stranger
Rating G
Language English
Chapters 3
Run November 21, 2014 -
Author Mysteriouse Stranger

Frozen is a series that started right after Elsa came to Storybrook on ABC. It airs new episodes Friday on Disney Channel and Saturday on Disney junior and ABC. On ABC the theme song is not shown they just cut to the episode, but on Disney Junior and Disney Channel they show one. This series is a musical series with songs written by Disney and ABC there are no curse words because of it showing on kid networks. The cast that played Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa on Once Upon a Time come back in this series. Unlike Once Upon a Time, Olaf is in this series and is portrayed by Josh Gad for singing and speaking voice. This show does have to be continued endings.

Theme SongEdit

Because ABC doesn't usually do theme songs it skips to the episode this is the same with , but the Disney Junior and Disney Channel have a theme song on these showings.

Season 1Edit

This season is known for focussing on memories and some of the books by Random House

Season 1


For Anna and Elsa life has been nothing but lonely ever since Elsa frozen Anna's head on accident the gates were closed. But after the Great Thaw the gates were open and Elsa now takes on responsibilities as Queen. But it's hard fo her to control her powers and to prove love is stronger than fear and weakness when people come to doubt sometimes.


  • "In summer" sung by Olaf, Olaf sung it when he was remembering his first day in summer ever.
  • "Reindeers are better than people" sung by Kristoff when he was in the barn.
The Past

The episode takes off from "Pilot" left off. Olaf finds a mysterious book no one can understand due to its ancient writings. But Elsa recognizes it when she hit Anna with her powers. So she isn't on board to talking to the trolls.   


  • "The Book From the Library" Sung by Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven. They all sung it when Olaf 1st shows them the book with Olaf having questions and being excited, Elsa being a little upset and trying to convince him the book isn't important, Kristoff suggesting they show it to Grand Pabbie much to Elsa's dismay, and Anna sharing Olaf's curiosity and being Confused by it all. 
  • "The Past" Sung by Elsa and Olaf, Elsa sung this to Olaf explaining the incident that happened to Anna. Olaf sung a little part at the end stating it makes him even more curious.   


  • At the end of the episode when Elsa tells Olaf when Anna first got her white streak he said "It's ok Elsa". It was a reference to what Elsa said when the incident happened ("It's ok Anna").   

It takes place where the episode before this left off when Elsa told Olaf the rock trolls erased Anna's memories. Olaf figures Anna must really care since she's been wishing about remembering lately. Olaf goes on a quest around the castle to find Anna's memories. Meanwhile Kristoff helps Olaf out with his "special surprise" by distracting his wife.


  • " I Wonder Why" Sung by Olaf, Olaf sung it at the beginning when he was wondering why Grand Pabbie erased Anna's memories.
  • " M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S" Sung by Olaf. Olaf sung it when he was searching for Anna's memories.
  • "Where's Olaf Gone?" Sung by Anna , she sung it when she was wondering were Olaf was when Kristoff was distracting her.
  • "What Makes A Memory?" Sung by Olaf, Olaf sung it when he was wondering what Anna's memories will look like.

       Sweet Moment: At the end when Olaf "found" Anna's lost memories which turns out to be her old doll and says now she can remember him. Olaf is sad when he is explained that isn't how to get the memories back and is sad. Anna explains to him that she forgot the magic, but she never forgot him. 


A horrible rain storm hits Arendelle leaving the gang inside. But they have horrible lightning, a scary story about an evil troll, and Olaf's sound effects to deal with. But they have fun with shadows, songs, and Olaf's sound effects end up quiet funny.


  • "In summer" sung by Olaf, this song was sung by Olaf right before the ran hit.
  • "This stormy night" sung by Olaf, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, The gang sang it when they were thinking of things to do when there "rained in".


  • The sound effect Olaf made was "bum bum bum".
All Hail the Queen

Based on the book from the book series Anna and Elsa Sister Hood is the Strongest Magic. Elsa tries to please the townsfolk, but even a queen needs a day off. Why Anna has a list of stuff to do in Arrendelle.


  • "A Whole World Out There" sung by Anna, she sung it when she was trying to convince Elsa to get a Flangerdofer.
  • "Apart of a Team" sung by Elsa, she sung it when she was trying to cheer Olaf up when they ruined the harvest.
  • "Working Together" sung by Anna, Kristoff, Elsa, and Olaf when they were all working together to make the plumbing system.


  • This is the first episode to be based off a book

Guest Star: Melanie Paxon as Thea

Thin Ice (sometime called "Olaf's Big Adventure")

Based on the book Olaf and Sven on Thin Ice. When Olaf thinks Kristoff and Anna are having a romantic picnic he decides to become the Official Subsitute Ice Master and Deliverer. Mean while Kristoff searches for Olaf and Sven.


  • "We're Going On an Adventure" sung by Olaf, he sung it several times through the episode.
  • "Maybe When"sung by Olaf, he sung it to Sven when the reindeer was scared to go by Marshmallows territory. The song was about Olaf just thinking Marshmallow had a bad day that day and when your mad you make bad choices. He Sings different emotions and when he's on scared he briefly remembers when Elsa just struck Anna in the heart.
  • "Where Have They Gone?" Sung by Kristoff, he sung it when he was searching for Olaf and Sven.
  • "When A Friends in Need" sung by Anna, she sung it when she was telling Kristoff Olaf was just trying to help and when someone is just trying to help you should appreciate it.

Sweet Moment: Kristoff and his story about when he was little.


  • This is the first special of the show.
  • This episode is called by the cast and in the commercial "Olaf's Big Adventure"
Stories When Olaf suggests that they enjoy a summer night outside the palace on him and Kristoff's monthly ice harvesting trip the game decide to go on a Royal camping trip. After a fun filled day of fishing, bike riding, and many other games they all gather around the fire to tell scary stories. But when they hear from another camp about this lost troll tribe in the woods they remember the story of the evil troll from the episode "Storm". Now the gang finds themselves trapped in one tent together when someone unknown invades there camp. So now the gang must pass the time until morning.


  • This is the second episode when Olaf makes the sound effect "Bum, Bum, Bum"


  • "Royal Camping Trip" Sung by Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven (Kristoff speaking for him), they sing it when Olaf sings about how excited he is for this trip eventually his high spirits gets everyone to sing along.
  • "Remember the Story" Sung by Olaf, Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, and Sven, the gang sung it when they remembered the story of the evil troll (from "Storm") after hearing more about it and the tribe it belonged to that used to be there.
  • "A King?" Sung by campers, when the gang meets the other campers they explain the evil troll was a king and it wasn't a tribe, but a secret kingdom of his kind that used to be there.
  • "In the Tent" Sung by Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, the gang sung it when they all went in the tent. It started off as Elsa's then Anna comes in to check on Elsa, Olaf comes in to tell them about the noises, Kristoff comes in to ask why everyone's in the tent, and Sven comes in because he's scared.
  • "Hush Quiet" sung by Elsa and Olaf, Elsa sung it to Olaf when he was rambling on and on about summer and they could hear the mysterious foot steps getting closer to the steps and Elsa was trying to make Olaf be quiet, but Olaf can't help it.
  • "We're All Here" Sung by Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff, the gang sung it when they were afraid, but then realized if they stuck together they'd all be ok.
Stories Pt 2

Leaving off where pt 1 ended the camp is destroyed. Kristoff investigates to see if it was animal, but they're tracks they've never seen before. It also is revealed it killed someone from the other camp whatever made those tracks. So the gang wants to go back to the castle so Elsa can send investigators, but a carriage wheel brakes and a rabbit scares off the horses. Now the gang lost in the woods with something unknown after them must get back home before an old tale comes to life


  • Elsa mentions story broke in this.
  • There's a Wizard of Oz reference when they get home and Olaf says "theres no place like home!".


  • "What Made the Tracks?" Sung by the campers, Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa, they all sung it when they were trying to figure out what killed the man and left the tracks.
  • "If I Remember" Sung by Anna and Kristoff, they sung it when they were arguing of where to go when they got lost.
  • "We're Singing a Marching Song" Sung by Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff, Olaf started if off to life everyone spirits when they were going through the woods claiming this was all "one big adventure".
  • "In My Mind " sung by Anna, she sings it when she tries to remember when her father told her the story, but Elsa was using ice visual aids. So Anna claims its "wander somewhere in my mind". She sung it on the way through the woods.
  • "Through the Woods" Sung by Olaf, Olaf sings it to lift everyone's spirits again about venturing further through the woods and almost being home.
Curiousity Leaving off where the last episode did Olaf finds the door to Anna and Elsa's parents room. It's locked through and Olaf is just curious of why it's locked, how the 2 died, and what they were like. But Elsa won't tell him do to being sad and not wanting to bring him down to. So now Olaf rallys Sven and Kristoff to help him, but Kristoff is trying to convince him its not a good idea. Mean while Anna sets out to find a missing chapter of a book her mother used to read to her and Elsa and Elsa tries to control her powers, but the sadness of her parents make her sad.


  • "Sven (I Got Something to Say)" Sung by Olaf, he sung it to Sven explaining how he found the door.
  • "What My Mother Did" Sung by Anna, Anna sung it thinking about all the stories in the book only to discover a chapter is missing at the end.
  • "Olaf I Can't Say" Sung by Elsa and Olaf, Elsa sang is when Olaf asked about Anna and Elsa's parents. Elsa could tell him the good little things, but explained she couldn't talk about their death.
  • "Behind the Door" Sung by Kristoff, Anna, and Olaf, Kristoff and Olaf's part was when the 2 were going to open the door, but Kristoff kept hesitating. As for Anna she sang it when she had to open a secret entrance through secret passage ways into different rooms.
  • "Curiousity" Sung by Olaf and Kristoff, when the 2 get the door open Olaf runs around the room saying how curious he was and how happy he is to be in the room why Kristoff is nervous of what Anna will say.
  • "On the Walls" Sung by Olaf, Kristoff, Anna, and Elsa. Olaf sung it when he saw a painting of the king and queen in their bed room, Anna sung it when she saw a painting of her father, and Elsa sung it when she saw her favorite painting of her mother. The 3 each sing about the parents.
  • "Maybe When Reprise" Sung by Olaf, Olaf sings it when Elsa takes some frustration out on Kristoff for being in the room and Olaf tries to cheer him up. Olaf explains that when you're sad about someone you can take it out on others.


  • This is the 1st time a song from another episode is in a episode.

Sad moment: When Elsa took some frustration out on Kristoff and Olaf feels bad thinking Elsa's really misses her parents.

Sweet moment: "Maybe When Reprise" Olaf tries to make Kristoff feel better. Elsa apologizes to Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf for taking out some frustration.

Big Idea! Leaving off where the last episode left off, Kristoff and Anna stand in the middle of Anna and Elsa's parents' room. Kristof tells Anna her parents must of been amazing people and Anna says yeah and leaves the room almost crying. Kristoff then calls Sven and Olaf and says that he has a big idea to help cheer Anna and Elsa after what happened that day. Kristof explains they need to remind Anna and Elsa they may be orphans, but they still have a family so they all spend the next day out and do activities such as ice harvesting, playing in the snow, sailing a boat, and of course singing.


  • "Big Idea" Sung by Kristoff and Olaf. Kristof sung it why trying to explain his idea for family day why Olaf keeps interrupting and guessing different ideas. Olaf's ideas do give Kristoff the ideas for the activities of family day.
  • "Family Day" Sung by Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. The 3 sung it at dinner telling Anna and Elsa about Kristoff's idea for family day.
  • "Ice Lake" Sung by Kristoff, Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf, and the ice harvesters. They all sung it when they went ice harvesting for their 1st family day activity.
  • "The Snow Ball" Sung by Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf. They sung it when Elsa made snow white her powers and they decided to have a snow ball fight. 1st Anna went over the rules and then the rest of the song was a fun song about having a snow ball fight.
  • "Dancing in the Streets" Sung by Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf. They all sung it when they were in town and a band was playing a slow song. Anna, like in "All Hail the Queen", gets the song going and encourages Elsa and Kristoff to join in. Olaf, how ever, is happy to join in the fun.
  • "Our Family" Sung by Kristoff, Sven, Anna, Elsa, and Olaf. They sung it at the end when Anna and Elsa admit they miss their parents, but love their new family just as much. They all recap on the day they had and their favorite parts of the day.


  • This takes place only 1 hour after the events in "Curiosity".
  • "Thin Ice, "Stormy Night", "All Hail the Queen", and this are the most watched episodes of the series.