I Had Every Reason to Save You
Writer PSUAvatar14
Date 2 May 2015
Rating G
Word count 246

Plot Edit

In a birthday message as Elsa's 22nd nears, Anna tells her sister why she made the perilous quest not that long ago to free her from the curse...

Author's notes Edit

  • This is my first Frozen story, so please don't bite my head off! O_O Criticisms and whatnot are welcome.
  • I know it's short; but I felt this to be the most effective way to convey the loving bond between the sisters. A previous attempt wound up as just parroting the canon film.

I Had Every Reason to Save You Edit

I had every reason to save you.

Some people would wonder why I would run for you.
Why I would brave the curse to travel to your palace of isolation.
Made of both physical and symbolic ice...
But I don't care what they think,
For I had every reason to save you.

Many would think I was silly to run for you,
When you never ran for me when we were young.
But the past is the past,
And sometimes, you just have to focus on the here and now.
I had every reason to save you.

After someone gave such a cold reaction and dismissal like that,
For the kingdom and dignitaries to see,
No one would blame the cast off person,
For ignoring their supposed love one,
But I am not one who will cut ties,
I had every reason to save you.

Even when eternal winter poisoned our home,
Even when you ejected me with a monster of snow,
Even when you literally began to turn me to ice,
Even when I was on the verge of death itself,
I had every reason to save you.

I had every reason to save you,
Because no matter who I meet in life,
Or even if I marry the ice harvester,
I know there will always be one constant,
One I can always turn to,
And that someone, dear sister, is you.

I will always have every reason to save you,
Because I love you, Elsa,
And we are bonded for life.

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