"What kind of subject would I be if I just left a prince by his lonesome?"
— Jesper decides to stick with Hans during their first meeting.

Jesper Skjor
Vital statistics
Nationality The Southern Isles
Gender Male
Age 19-21 (Hans series)
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Amber
Allies Hans (sometimes)
First appearance Hans and the Maiden Voyage
Jesper Skjor is the deuteragonist of the prequel novel series Hans. He is a junior officer in the Royal Navy who becomes a frenemy of Hans Westergaard.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Jesper's most prominent trait is his greed. His top priority in everything he does is the pursuit of money or treasure. Jesper joined the navy to go on treasure hunting voyages that would come at no personal costs, and even insinuates himself as a friend and "mentor" to Hans in hopes of getting to his family's money in one way or another. Jesper has no interest in getting rich through honest means, finding the very concept laughable; He is a practised swindler, and won't think twice about lying, cheating or stealing for the most meagre of fortunes. One of his favourite tactics is harebrained get-rich-quick schemes he seems to come up with every day, all of which fail and many end in disaster.

Outside of his avarice, Jesper otherwise acts as a character foil to Hans: While Hans is disciplined, levelheaded and cautious, Jesper is hedonistic, flippant and impulsive. As a part of his selfishness, Jesper is prone to cowardice, and will usually throw the blame of his wrongdoings on the nearest person and run away.

Jesper has told many different stories of his past to various people, all of which could be lies, but they all have the element of Jesper growing up poor. If this much is true, it is likely where Jesper's desire for wealth comes from.

Appearance Edit

Jesper is taller than Hans, and lanky but surprisingly strong. His skin is light brown, hinting that he is of indigenous Sami descent. His hair is black and curly, and his eyes are a brownish-gold or amber colour. He wears clothes that are described as having once been "not out of place at a royal wedding," but are old and tattered at present. When he is given a navy uniform, he tends to wear it casually, such as forgoing his cravat and leaving his jacket unbuttoned.

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Frozen 2: The Kingdom of the Sun Edit

In one of his anecdotes about his past, Hans tells Elsa he knew a man during his years in the Southern Isles' Royal Navy who once got him drunk, then tried to talk him into signing a document that would embezzle money from the Royal family's treasury. It is likely this man was Jesper.

Trivia Edit

  • Jesper's last name, "Skjor," is Norwegian for Magpie, a bird symbolizing cunning and thievery in folklore. This references Jesper's conning ways and his obsession with gaining riches.
  • Jesper has been arrested in the past, although for what is never revealed. Jesper insists that it was not for theft, and there are implications that it was for public urination.