Prince Bernhard
Vital statistics
Nationality The Southern Isles
Gender Male
Age 32
Physical attributes
Hair color Crimson
Eye color Green
First appearance Frozen: The Kingdom of the Sun
Prince Bernhard Westergaard is the sixth prince and ambassador of the Southern Isles.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Bernhard's most prominent trait is his vanity. He is single-mindedly devoted to looking good, and more importantly, making sure everyone notices. For the upkeep of his handsomeness, the prince sticks to a schedule of extensive beauty treatments, and keeps two compact mirrors (one for his front, one for his back) on his person at all times. Unfortunately, Bernhard's lifelong focus on physical beauty has deteriorated his self-esteem, which not only spurs the prince to further dedication into his appearance, but to viciously intimidate any man he considers has the potential to be seen as better than he, including his own family.

A fragile ego is precisely what drives Bernhard's second most prominent pastime: philandering. Perceiving the attention of the opposite sex as a status symbol, Bernhard is known for charisma and worldliness he developed as an ambassador, which he employs in the seduction of numerous women, and it is a common occurrence for Bernhard to court multiple woman at once in superficial relationships. It is because of his habits that Bernhard is the among the few in the older half of the Westergaard princes to not be married, although he has been engaged several times.

Appearance Edit

Bernhard is tall and muscular with a stocky physique. He has fair skin and a beauty mark on the corner of his left eye. His most striking feature is his bold crimson hair (likely achieved with dyeing,) with wavy bangs and tied into a long ponytail. His eyes are green.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

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