One summer day Anna was walking down the stairs and fell.

(Sigh) "What's wrong with those stairs?" Anna asked herself while Elsa was outside

"Oh, Good morning Anna!" said Elsa

"Good Morning!!" (Sigh) "How come I always fall on those stairs?" asked Anna

"Well maybe you don't walk right. Let me see, walk Anna." Elsa said then Anna walked and Elsa saw the problem: Anna's heels weren't actually the same!!

(Laughs) "Anna, your heels don't match!! The other one is smaller while the other one is taller!!" Elsa laughed

"Oh..." Anna said awkwardly then soon Olaf came outside.

"Hi!!"... "Woah... That's so awkward!" Olaf whispered but Kristoff heard.

"What?" Kristoff asked then Olaf pointed at Anna's shoes then Kristoff tried his best not to laugh but couldn't resist.

"Hahahahahaha!! You should see your - " Kristoff said but didn't finish.

"See my heels? I already know!! Now stop laughing!!" yelled Anna.

"Hahahaha!! Sorry!! But I just can't stop!! Hahahaha!!" Kristoff laughed and laughed then Anna gave him a glare. Then Anna went back in her room because she realized that it was too early and while she was climbing the stairs she fell again!!

"Are you alright?" asked Elsa.

"Yeah! I'm fine!!" Anna said "I just... Oh! Just got to take off these heels!! They're driving me crazy!!" Anna said angrily while taking off her heels then Elsa made her a new pair of Icy flats.

"Oh, Elsa! They're beautiful!! And cosy!!" Anna said thankfully.


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