The Torture Of Anna
Anna stabbed in the heart dead
The poster of Raphael stabbing a knife in Anna's heart
Creator TMNTpal
Genre Torture
Rating PG
Language English
Chapters 6
Run 30th, July 2016
Author TMNTpal
First chapter Chapter One
Last chapter Chapter Six
The Torture Of Anna is a story written by TMNTpal. It tells the story about 4 Mutant Ninja Turtles planning to torture Anna and take all her blood and guts out then sell it to a meat shop and Olaf buys it to have for dinner.

Characters Edit

Character Actor/Actress
Anna Elizabeth Lail
Elsa Georgina Haig
Olaf Robbie Daymond
Raphael Shaun Williamson
Michelangelo Greg Cipes
Leonardo Dominic Catrambone
Donatello Rob Paulsen
Elliot Joel Mchale

Chapter Guide Edit


Catching Anna

Killing, Gutting, Skinning and Tanning

Elsa Finds Out

Selling The Meat

Preparing a Midnight Feast

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