Elsa! Says Anna. Wake up! It's time! "Time for what"? "Time to defeat Hans". Says Anna. "Hans"? What's he doing here? Elsa hurried down the stairs while Anna explained what was going on. "Hans wants to kidnap Kristoff. We have to use your ice powers to stop him! Okay. Says Elsa. Elsa makes a car out of ice and they drive out of Arendelle. They make it their mission to find Hans. Finally they find him. "Anna"! "Elsa"! Hey! Anna! Anna! Anna! He says. Anna looks at him funny and says w-we know what you will do to Kristoff! "Anna" I'm sorry". I was horrible to you. And Elsa, I'm sorry to you too.but Anna I'm really sorry and if you would just give me another- "save it says Anna. We're done. Elsa freezes Hans but..... The next day Hans is lying down on the ground hurt. "Kristoff mast Have Hurt me " but that's impossible". Says Elsa. "I froze him". "He must if done this before we froze him"!!!!!!!!!!!" Ughhhhhhhhhhh" says Anna and Elsa going once again to find Hans. "Hans? Says Anna when they find him. Buh huh bush fish She blabbers. Hans is unfrozen." Hi Anna" hi Elsa" missed me"? Hans how blah could y-ou duh this a! W-we froze yuh! She says blabbering. Oh Anna. Says Hans. Face it. I'm unstoppable. "Hans why are you doing this to Kristoff"? With him out of the way I'll finally get to become the king. Get Kristoff back to normal! "Yes" says Elsa. "Otherwise I will make an eternal winter again. Ye- wait what?!?!hans says! No Elsa ! And he quickly changed Kristoff back to normal because Hans hated snow. The drove back. And Kristoff was back to normal. "Kristoff"! Says Anna! What happened? It's kind of a long story. But they told him anyway. Never underestimate the power of wind snow and ice. Said Elsa in a deep dark voice. To be continued...

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