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    There in the ballroom, were the two loving, nice, head servants of the Arendelle kingdom, Kai and Gerda. "Elsa, Anna, my dears! Good morning!" Gerda exclaimed in her sweet, soft voice. Kai gave a friendly smile to the girls.

    "You girls look very bloated. And, sweaty. What's wrong?" Gerda asked. "THE POWERS!" Elsa and Anna both shrilled in unison.  "What about Elsa's powers?" Kai asked. "I got Elsa's powers." Anna started. "And I lost my powers." Elsa finished. "Oh my. I wish your parents were still here. They would've been able to help you."

    Kristoff arrived in the ballroom stretching and yawning. "Morning!" He said as he yawned. He went up to Anna and put his arms around her waist. "Uh... is there something wrong?" Kristoff asked, confused.…

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  • Bella8991

    Chapter 1

    A/N: Hola readers. This is my first story to write and I'm telling you that it will not be the best. Please no negative reviews or anything. Thanks and enjoy. Hopefully.

    It was a sunny Saturday morning at the kingdom of Arendelle and the birds chirped outside on top of the kingdom building's peak of the roof. It has been three years since Elsa accidently revealed her powers, ran away, and Anna bringing her back from the Ice Castle.

    Outside the gates, villagers were purchasing loaves of bread, clothing, harvesting crops, kids were running and playing around, and tohers were just on horses transferring things to other places.

    Maids and butlers roamed through the halls with towels, plates, teacups, and clothing in the kingdom. They all …

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  • Bella8991


    December 16, 2013 by Bella8991

    Hey everyone. This is a quick blog to remind you all to make stories and well to have fun around the Frozen Fanon Wiki. I hope you are enjoying the wiki and that you are making nice appropriate stories that are relevant to Frozen. So... umm... BYE. :)

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