Hello! I have a fanfiction in mind but I need some opinions. :) (hi, Pandy! :D)

Okay, so the title is gonna be 'The Power of Nature'. The fanfiction is about Anna when she suddenly gets nature-based powers and her ups and downs during her 'training' to control them with Elsa. Keep in mind that Anna's training is gonna be much easier than Elsa's because she can learn from her and Elsa's experiences.

I'll also be introducing three new OCs. They're not gonna be contributing to the plot that much. They're gonna be supporting characters who will only appear in the early chapters.

The OCs are all going to be princesses of the Southern Isles (Hans didn't mention whether he had sisters or not. Just 12 older brothers) who is visiting Arendelle to re-establish the former Aredellian-Southern Isles trading partnership (I have this headcanon where Arendelle is one of the Southern Isles' most important trading partners)and to apologize for Hans' biggest screw-up yet. I will explain why I called it 'screw up' in the story. Don't want spilling more spoilers, don't we? ;P

Your opinion is very appreciated!

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