As you may all may have noticed I haven't edited or posted anything on this wikia for a while, and this'll probably be one of the only things I'm gonna post till June. There are a few reasons for why I haven't been active

1) I've been gearing up for exams in May. School has been one of my main priorities at the moment, so I've been studying more then writing. Because their in May, I'm working through Easter Holidays, because I don't have the time for them. I'm going to have Easter Holidays in June

2) I've got health problems. I'm Vit D and Calcium deficent and I have a REALLY painful knee. I've just finished some supliment pills, and soon am going for a blood test to see if I'm absorbing it. Quick side note, I don't think I absorb it from Sunlight, because apparently being in the sun for 15 mins each day in summer and spring gives you enough Vit D for the rest of the year. I spend hours outside

3) My Second Oldest Brother is home for a few weeks, and my Oldest Brother has been coming home in the weekends, so I've been spending time with them, and my other 2 brothers each weekend, my only time for writing. Family comes before Fanfiction

4) It's my Birthday coming up, so, even though that's pretty much all my Easter Holiday for now (As well as weekends), I don't fancy writing much on my Birthday. Plus I'll get some new things I'll spend all day playing with

I MIGHT be able to do something on Thursday this week though, as my Dad is going Fishing with my 3 older brothers (I'm homeschooled by the way) and I'm staying with my Mum and younger brother. No promises though

So yeah... I have a lot on at the moment, so please excuse my lack of editing or posting

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