aka Danielle, DA QUEEN OF THYPOS

  • I live in A place where I call home. :)
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is To fine $13,000,000 to anyone who uses "XDEE," or any of my faces or words. :)
  • I am Trying to come up with a good name to put here...

    Hey Frozers!

    Read the title. That's what this blog is about. :P Duh. XP

    Now, this wiki doesn't have a lot of users yet. That's okay, this wiki will grow. But for now, I decided to make a blog post for advice on writing. ^_^

    So, before I can get started at all, I need someone to ask... Questions! Ask questions on what to write, how to write, how to get more readers, anything, really. As long as it has to do with writing. :)

    Of course, I need a helper. So, guess who's helping us? OLAF!!

    Submit your questions below! I'll do my best to answer them. :D

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